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Facebook advertising in Nepal, Cost, Price, average CPC

Mar Thu 2021 08:44:43


Facebook advertising in Nepal, Cost, Price, average CPC

Facebook, a social site is a successful advertising platform for businesses be it small or big in Nepal. Facebook advertising is an effective media campaigns practices to promote and grow the business over the largest audience social network. These days people use social media to promote their business worldwide because it is the only one and the easiest as well as fastest way to spread business channel the information about the products and services all over the world. All of all business manpower spend inordinate amount of brainpower to develop a perfect marketing strategy to market their products and services. Facebook Advertising is strategic planning and execution to reach to the respective audience and implement the appropriate plan to achieve a targeted goal at Ourwebcreation we offer all kinds of digital marketing services but furthermore, we specialize in Facebook Advertising in Nepal. Please take a look at the various Facebook advertising services we offer to learn how Ourwebcreation Facebook advertising services can help your business.

Facebook advertising price in Nepal

The cost of Facebook advertising depends upon various factors that include your daily budget, and the days you want to advertise. You can advertise your product or service on Facebook, Instagram, and audio network. There is no exact price of Facebook ad, even though it depends on the ad auction. If you desire to advertise your products or service a week, it may cost Rs. 1000, while it may charge you Rs. 100,000 per week. The cost of advertising on Facebook depends on the media you used and the days you choose to advertise. The charge may differ on the posting and boosting too.

How many Facebook users are there in Nepal?

Facebook is one of the most famous and widely used social sites throughout the globe. As regarding Nepal, it is also one of the most powerful daily used social sites. It is rapidly increasing its users even in undeveloped, least developed and developing countries like Nepal. According to 2011, Nepal ranks as the 75th country based on the number of Facebook users and Facebook users are 8,81,160. 75 percent users are youths aged between 18 to 34. Due to the lack of internet access in Nepal, it has got lower rank. While looking World Internet Status of 2010, in Nepal there are only 625,800 Facebook users, however according to updated 2019 march status has dramatically increased. 9 million Nepali people are active users monthly among them 61 percent are male while 39 percent are female. 47 percent users are from the age of 25 to 34 and 36 percent are from the 18 to 24. In Nepal the major city: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Bharatpur, and Biratnagar used most of Facebook. At present all most all companies or organizations are targeting Facebook for their advertisements.

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