Web Engineering

COURSE MODULE OF WEB ENGINEERING Course !Engineer Training Course

Course Name: Advance Diploma in Web Engineering (ADWE)

Course Duration: 04-05 Months (If classes are taken regularly)

  • Fundamentals of WEB Page Designing / Programming / Engineering.
  • Basics of Web, Web 2.0 and internet.

What and Why WEB Engineering?

  • Concept of Computer, Computer Languages and Scripting Languages.
  • Common Web Technologies, Overview and Scripting Languages.
  • Terminologies used in Web and Internet.
  • ABC of Web Page Designing with HTML.
  • Advance HTML for Perfect Webpage Modeling.
  • Tips and Tricks on HTML to make you different than others.
  • Basic to Advance Level’s Usage of HTML IDE’s.
  • Basics of Dreamweaver CS6.
  • Mastering Dreamweaver CS6 for the designers.
  • Mastering Dreamweaver CS6 for the Programmers (Coders).
  • Fundamentals Knowledge of Graphics and Animation for Web.
  • Basics of Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Common Image Editing.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Web Template Development and Web Image Solution.
  • Concept of Color Code, Screen Resolution and margin-padding.
  • Learning Cascading Style Sheet 3.0
  • StyleSheet for global Control over Font, Layout, List, Box and Border of each Web Pages.
  • CSS 3.2 for Designing Next Generation Web Pages as Bonus.
  • Advance Concept of Desktop Programming and Web Programming.
  • Basics of Javascript 1.8.1 side Programming.
  • Advance Javascript Programming for Client side validation and Calculation.
  • Using Javascript Plugins, Gadgets, and Widgets for Web Modeling.
  • Overview and Concept of Dynamic Web Page Development and Configuration.
  • Fundamentals of http://localhost and localhost management softwares.
  • Running and testing web pages from localhost for offline development.
  • Basics of PHP Programming as Server Side Scripting.
  •  Learning Common and inbuilt PHP Functions.
  • Customizing existing functions and creating our own flexible functions.
  • Advance PHP Programming
  • PHP Power Programming along with OOPs.
  • Mastering PHP for Security and Anti-Hacking.
  • Basics of DBMS and RDBMS along with the concept of Database softwares.
  • Core Concept of SQL for High Level Database Manipulation and Programming.
  • Learning MYSQL as the best Back-end for Web Sites.
  • Mastering Structured Query Languages targeting MySql.
  • Advance Database Programming Using PHP and MySql.
  • Tips and Tricks on MySql Database Management.
  • Concept of E-commerce Sites using Latest Web Technologies including PHP/MySQL.
  • Learning Jquery to prepare yourself for the coming Age of Web and Internet.
  • Advance Jquery to replace javascript and Cascading Style Sheet.
  • Learning AJAX the Optionless Web Technology being used by google.com, facebook.com, flickr.com and other most popular websites of the world.
  • Mastering AJAX for Asycronous Web Page Development to communicate with the Web Server in real time.
  • Concept of other Rapidly Growing Web Technology.
  • Development and usage of web goodies and web gadgets for faster and recursive web programming.
  • Basic and Advance CMS / Admin Panel Development by Integrating all the above tools and technologies.
  • Concept and development of Login system news letter system, forum, blog and other popular web practices from the eye of developer / programmer.
  • Using third party web gadgets and widgets to save time and increases the look and feel of web.
  • Research, Discussion and Development over the latest tools and techniques being used globally.
  • Concept and Rules of UNIX/ LINUS as the Web Server OS for error free Web Programing.
  • Concept of Cpanel and FTP softwares for online web editing and development for globalization.
  • Advance SEO Practices and Driving Web Traffic for Site Ranking and Popularity.
  • Project work for the final test of Developer, Designer and Programmer’s Skill.
  • Internship on any web company for job placement.
  • Course Highlight By Course Module

Html (Core Part of Web and Internet)

  • Learning HTML Tags from A to Z.
  • Implementing HTML Tags as per their Requirement.
  • Advance HTML Practices along with Tips and Tricks for best Usage.